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March 19 2017

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does anyone else constantly get the feeling that you’re running out of time?? and for no reason!! i could be lying in bed in the middle of summer vacation and my mind is like “hurry up!!! before it’s too late!!!” and i’m just like “hurry up and do what?? leave me alone wtf!!!”

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Mężczyźni rzadko wyczuwają chwilę, kiedy można mieć dziewczynę dosłownie za nic.
— F.S. Fitzgerald.
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Matt Damon and Jude Law on the set of ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’, Rome, 1998

Photo by Brigitte Lacombe

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When you did your doctorate in physical chemistry and have been the de facto leader of Europe for 14 years but you have to be polite to a handbag designer who thinks she’s your contemporary

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i think people need to stop glorifying sassiness and bitterness and start promoting the idea of actually being fucking nice and civil to people who did nothing to you.

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Ohhhh god, I remember that time when in cow and chicken some lesbians were eating carpet… Literally

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